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I’m not a therapist, but I’ve been there. (I am also a certified Life Coach with suicide prevention training.) Personalized sessions for people who are questioning or transitioning. Information, advice, and resources for family and friends. Source: globally-recognized thought leader on gender diversity, 20 years out.


You know transgender stories and characters are powerful but you’re worried about writing yours wrong. I can help you: I've had big success telling stories on the page, on stage, and on screen.


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Your knowledge is your power. I've used my own story to teach about trans and nonbinary issues in educational and business settings for over a decade, and I've made a living doing so. Not only can I teach you information, I can teach you how to teach others about transgender issues, and how to make it a job. If you've always wanted to do a TED Talk, I did one, and I can help you get your point of view out there, too.