Gender diversity trainer


expert trainer and educator

With extraordinary skill and compassion, in his workshops and presentations Scott Turner Schofield meets every individual exactly where they are on their knowledge of gender, biological sex, and sexuality, and facilitates their own expansion on these topics. He co-creates the conversation with each audience group, blending his expertise as a trans advocate with the pace of the conversation taking place in the room, opening hearts and minds to topics like gender diversity, gender identity based laws and protections, customer service best practices, and issues faced by the transgender community.

Schofield's brilliance lies in his ability to talk about intersectionality - the way that the topics of biological sex, gender, and sexuality are influenced by factors like race, socioeconomic status, geographical location, disability, etc. As every person experiences gender in their own way, he strives to offer a framework for looking at these topics, not a one-size-fits-all “answer” to a “problem.” And all along the participants lead, always leaving enlightened in their individual ways.

His style is light and entertaining, blending in moments of storytelling and allowing personal questions in order to engage his audience’s emotional intelligence, to seal the “hearts and minds” aspect of advocacy that is so important.


Examples of Topics

Keynote Speeches
- Stories drive affirmative and inspirational speeches tailored to current events and themes of conferences, graduations, community gatherings, protests and more. 

Transgender 101
- An accessible introduction to the community and the issues. Focus varies by audience: for young people; for public safety officers; for healthcare practitioners; for attorneys, etc., a broad understanding of the basics and beyond.

Transgender in the Workplace
- Goes beyond 101, focuses on HR, institutional policy, creating a safe and welcoming environment for employees, staff, clients, and guests, and specific cultural competency modeling for all employees.

Transgender Youth and Teens
- For Adults: an overview of the issues affecting trans and non-binary youth, with practical how-to information for supporting young people.
- For Youth: interactive talks designed around topics and issues of interest, including mental health, community building, leadership, suicide prevention, and storytelling.

Trans in Healthcare
- Training frontline staff on the critical competencies for respecting gender diversity in a healthcare setting.

Trans in the Locker Room
- Training frontline staff on the critical competencies required to maintain a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all gym and pool users, and addressing specialized issues in states with gender identity based legal protections.