credit Olivia Hemaratanaton

credit Olivia Hemaratanaton


Named by OUT Magazine as a “Trans Influencer of Hollywood,” Scott Turner Schofield (SKO-feeld)’s purpose in life is to inspire you, your family, your community, and your workplace to embrace gender diversity. He is a consultant, coach and spokesperson—one of the top speakers in the U.S. on the topic of transgender identity.

Considered one of his generation’s trailblazers in the movement for transgender liberation, Schofield has helped change the nondiscrimination policies of several major universities, coached conservative CEOs at Fortune 50-500 institutions to trans sensitivity in the workplace, and taught literally thousands of youth tools for the self-esteem that effective activism requires. His TED Talk, "Ending Gender" is an acclaimed and globally-utilized tool for understanding the fundamentals of gender diversity, and is regularly screened by some of the biggest corporations and NGOs in the world.

Scott works with individuals, families, and executives on the personal work of transforming our unquestioned ideas about gender: from coming out, to creating a supportive culture at home, school, and at work for gender diverse people. He has broken new ground in diversity and inclusion for organizations from Brown Brothers Harriman and UPS, to Grindr. He also freelances as a consultant and trainer for advocacy organizations such as Trans Can Work and GLAAD