professional development and Certification Course in Respecting Gender Diversity in Changing Rooms

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Did you know: 

  • In a 2017 study conducted by The Williams Institute of UCLA, 27% of youth reported being identified as gender nonconforming.

  • 1.4 million Americans identify as transgender; 150,000 are youth ages 13-17.

  • 70% of transgender people report harassment in public restrooms and changing rooms; 9% report physical attacks.

If a transgender or gender diverse person has not used your changing room facilities yet, it is a mathematical certainty that someone soon will.

Everybody Changes is a 12-part, video based eLearning course, designed to help you: 

  • Get educated on the simple facts of gender diversity, which can seem confusing and overwhelming;

  • Become familiar with accurate terminology to help you respond and interact confidently with gender diverse people;

  • Have the tools to give the best possible customer service and keep all guests safe, if you're an employee;

  • Know how to effectively intervene in tense situations, if you're an ally;

  • Take an active part in respecting all members of your community.

We are competitively priced at $29.99 for individual users,
and we offer
highly discounted custom packages for large groups.

If single stall, unisex changing facilities are not available, where do transgender and gender diverse people safely and comfortably change clothes and shower? What are best practices to provide excellent customer service while keeping everybody safe? How can you find facts, humanity, and comfort around a topic that is highly politicized and very often misrepresented. 

Scott Turner Schofield, a leading expert on gender diversity issues, created this first-of-its-kind training and certification eCourse, Everybody Changes, to train aquatics and recreation staff for the City of Santa Monica Department of Cultural Affairs, which houses its Department of Recreations and the Annenberg Beach House. 


Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to the transgender community;

  • Vocabulary and terminology;

  • Common ways gender diverse individuals are unintentionally disrespected, and how to act respectfully;

  • Harassment: what it looks like and how to address it;

  • The Bathroom Issue.

The course videos contain role-playing scenarios that train front-line staff to sensitively address specific situations, including:

  • How to enforce existing laws and policies for transgender and gender diverse people using the locker room;

  • How to sensitively address and meet the needs of alarmed or angry members of the public;

  • How to respect the differences and meet the needs of transgender and gender diverse members of the public.

Each video segment is followed by a quiz for comprehension and retention. Once this course is completed, the student receives a Certificate of Completion, to be kept in their HR file to demonstrate cultural competency and sensitivity training.

Click through the images below to see full-size screen shots from our training modules: 

Is this course right for you and your staff? 

Our clients include:

  • Gyms and fitness centers, both large chains and boutique facilities

  • Public and municipal pools and beaches

  • Hotels with pools, gym, and/or spa facilities

  • Cruise lines

  • University and high school athletics departments

  • Community centers with pool facilities

  • Summer camps

  • Swimming schools

  • People like you

Who can benefit from our training? 

  • Front line staff in recreational facilities

  • Managers in recreational facilities

  • Life guards

  • Membership coordinators at recreational facilities

  • Gym teachers

  • Coaches

  • Anybody who is nervous about the topic of transgender people using shared facilities

  • Anyone interested in being a better ally



“California law supports people to honor their own authentic gender identity in choosing which changing rooms they use. Moreover we are committed ensuring safe access to City facilities, services and programs for everyone. This down-to-earth eCourse has been well received by staff, providing them with practical techniques to address the situations these customers may face.”
—Christopher Smith, City of Santa Monica LGBTQ+ Liaison

“This is an extremely informative, interesting and enjoyable course. I was surprised by how much I learned, even though I know I am a person who is sensitive to others. New information is presented in an easy and enjoyable way to learn. I still have some questions, but feel now that I will be able to ask them in a more sensitive way. Thank you!”
—Kate B.

“The videos are very well done and professional. Scott is open and friendly and comes across as helpful and truly caring. Anyone can understand and learn from this course; no prior knowledge on the subject is required. The course is focused on interacting with transgender and nonbinary people from a customer service stand point, but anyone who wants a better understanding of transgender and nonbinary people would benefit from taking the course. I enjoyed how many people were featured. It is more engaging to see and listen to multiple people talking rather than just one. The course is fast paced enough to not feel boring and drawn out, but comprehensive and detailed enough to provide plenty of good information. Overall I would highly recommend this course to any business, or to any individual person who is looking to learn more about gender diversity.”
—Malinda B.

“It is always good to have reminders of how to be respectful to everybody. We all need to learn and practice habits of inclusion that make the world, and our workplace environments welcoming and safe for everybody. Though I do not work in a location with a changing facility, we do have shared stall public restrooms. It was helpful to me that the seminar directly addressed this likely point of possible harassment and contention.”
—Simran K.,

“Critically important training! The best way to clarify mis-perceptions is through education and information, and this video does a great job of it. I generally feel pretty informed, and there were some things that were new to me. Thank you.”
—Cori N.



  1. Introduction: Learn the background to the social issues that necessitate this eLearning course.

  2. Trans 101: The very basics of commonly misunderstood or misrepresented ideas about the transgender community.

  3. Terminology: These terms have evolved very quickly; learn the most up to date, respectful words to address and discuss transgender issues.

  4. Gender: A simple breakdown of a complex topic.

  5. Gender diversity in the changing room: A welcoming introduction on a tense issue.

  6. Respecting gender diversity: Common sense best practices to help you respect everybody.

  7. Respecting privacy: Clear guidance that not only assures respect but could also save lives, around a difficult and unintuitive topic.

  8. Harassment: How to spot and address harassment.

  9. Transgender and non-binary in the showers: Clarity and calm education through the anxiety of this subject.

  10. Doing the changing room right: Clear guidelines for changing room usage by people of every gender.

  11. Prevention: Best practices to prevent problems in gender diverse changing rooms and other public spaces.

  12. Conclusion


Q:  When does the program begin? 
A:  That's up to you! Learn at your own pace, in your own time. 

Q:  What if I want to go deeper into these issues and learn more? 
A:  We provide a list of resources upon course completion. Or you can receive that list of resources now: 

Q:  Do you offer personal coaching? 
A:  Yes!  We coach individuals and conduct trainings in classrooms and workplaces. Please email contact@speakingoftransgender.com for more info! 

Q:  I don't think I know any transgender people, and I don't think they use my facility. Should I still take this course?  
A:   27% of youth reported being identified as gender nonconforming, according to a 2017 study by The Williams Institute of UCLA — so it's highly likely there are transgender and non-binary people in your facility everyday, and if not, then it's a mathematical certainty that there soon will be!

Q:  Who are the models in your videos? Are they transgender people? 
A:  We cast from our beautifully gender diverse community here in Los Angeles.  Our actors' voices and experiences helped to create the authentic feel of the videos. 

Q:  I work at a large company and I would like all of our employees to be certified. Do you offer company discounts? 
A:  Yes!  We offer bulk discounts and customizable packages, based on your needs and your budget. Please send us an email at contact@speakingoftransgender.com. 

Q:  Why are you qualified to run this course and certification? 
A:  Our founder, Scott Turner Schofield, has 16+ years of experience working in educational and business settings as a trainer in transgender cultural competency and diversity and inclusion.  

Scott has conducted trainings at over 100 companies, universities, and cultural centers, including: 

Companies that supports Speaking Of Transgender
Companies that supports Speaking Of Transgender

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